sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

Miley Cyrus Birthday

On november 23,1993 god sent an angel to this earth!
Her name is Miley Ray Cyrus. Better know to same as
Hannah Montana. She has changed the way the world
is today.She is a stronge independent woman. She
neve gives up and doe whateve she can to make
her dreams come true! Without iley i don't know
where we would be. She has let people know that
it's okay to make mistakes. Miley, you truley have
changed me in many ways. I fight for what i want.
You have taught me that i can be different and
still be the same person. You have accomplished
your goals at suck a young age, and i hope to do so
as well. You are beautiful, and amazing singer and actrees.
Even though you're 16 and you're getting older, you will
never change in my heart. You are my idol, my inspiration.
I can honestly say i look up to you in everything you do
whether it be good or bad i wil always love and support you.
Alot of people dislike Miley, i dont understand why the do.
Miley is the most real celebrity i know of. She doesnit let the fame
go to the head and that is what i love about Miley. I can watch
her show for hours and hours. I would never get sick of it,
and there's not one eposiode i dont like, Miley i truely hope
you have the best 16Th birthay anyone has every had deserve it!!!!! :)

•Lesly :D

Here a video: i make it

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sarah!! dijo...

oH SI cumple de la hermosa miley!!!
ame tu blend!!